Gym, Upgrade to Textmate 2.0 Alpha, Rails 3.2 on Heroku/Cedar, Brew

After successfully signing up the family for Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club last night, we unsuccessfully went to workout this morning. Apparently, we have to schedule time for the kids and they were overbooked today. I think Saturday morning is going to be busy for them. We signed Yuyoun up for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday to drop off Jaeyeon for childcare at the club from 9-11am. That along with Taeyeon going to preschool during those time should give her a good chance to workout.

I am going to be going Mon, Wed, Friday 6:30-7:30am. The club is so close, it’s the first thing I see out my window at work. The “tent” is the winter covering for the tennis courts.

After a truckload of paperwork and bill processing, I’m finally getting to work on a few tech related things. The long overdue Textmate 2.0 update although it’s still in alpha. I’ve stopped reading about all this vim, emacs, vi, etc. nonsense. I’ve tried vim a few times, not for me, waste of time thinking further about text editors. If I know you and you really love some new text editor, let me know. Except you Jon regarding Sublime. 🙂 I kid, I should give it a real shot one of these days. What little I saw of Sublime 2 in the early days were nice.

Also giving Trello a real try with a side project. Liking it so far.

Ok, let’s try creating a base Rails 3.2 project and uploading to Heroku.

Gosh, really messed up my installation of Homebrew. Hew, worked through all the issues in brew doctor and reinstalled all the packages I had before. Continuing on the upgrade fix, rvm, ruby, rails, git, memcached, lynx (gosh still fun to see that once in a while), python, ahhh back to work now.