Korea and IE

I’ve covered this topic before, but not on this blog and there’s some updates.

In a way I’m proud of the story of how IE came to dominate in Korea. Export of the encryption technology strong enough for online commerce was banned in the United States. Korea wasn’t going to just sit around so the Korean Information Security Agency took matter into its own hands and created SEED. I love the initiative and the foresight but horrible implementation of the idea.

Over a decade later, we have 80% of the users in Korea using IE. Hopefully it’ll get better over time. I’m not sure if the dip starting mid-2011 is a trend, but I hope so.

In the meanwhile, some Korean sites that only work in IE. Common dudes, be embarrassed.

This one is especially sad because it’s meant for foreigners to use.

And Wooribank has branches in the US.