Second Screen When Working From a Cafe

I feel like I’m pretty close to being as productive in coding at a cafe as I’m at my desk. Before, the combination of sometimes spotty wifi and lack of a large monitor definitely made me feel a bit sub optimal. These days, I bring my laptop, iPad, and mouse and I hardly feel the difference between sitting at a cafe vs my desk.

A big part of this has been Duet Display which allows me to use my iPad Pro 12.9″ as a second monitor. I’ve written about other apps I’ve used to incorporate the iPad as a part of my setup, but the speed that Duet provides really pushes it past the point where I notice that it’s an iPad.

For me, having my mouse (Magic Mouse) is crucial. Finally, these days large data plans on the phone is affordable enough where push comes to shove I can use that when the cafe’s wifi is acting up.

  • iPad Pro (and keyboard/stand, cable)
  • MacBook (and charger, usb-c hub/dongle)
  • mouse
  • headphones
  • iPhone

Total weight: 3169 grams ~= 7 lbs

Total weight of travel setup