I decided to go with Walky.me for my side iOS project. A few reasons (thanks Jon for highlighting these).

1) It’s a small, well scoped project that is potentially going to have real users.
3) I’m pretty sure I can get my teammates at walky.me to help me test and promote it.
4) Thanks to Bel, I’ve already got pretty UI assets to use.
5) It’s an excuse to play with MapKit and CoreLocation.

If you want to help test this as I build it, let me know and I can add you as a tester and you can my latest development builds on your iPhone (iOS 5.0+ and no iPad support).

If by some chance you want to help or see the code:


Don’t have much yet. The UI is wholesale ripoff of the iOS Maps app. And I will probably continue to copy everything down to how they handle directions and settings.