import “” vs import <>

Dang, had a hard time finding this information:


Search Order for filename

filename is optionally preceded by a directory specification. The file name must name an existing file. The difference between the two syntax forms is the order in which the preprocessor searches for the type library files when the path is incompletely specified.

Syntax form Action
Quoted form Instructs the preprocessor to look for type library files first in the directory of the file that contains the #import statement, and then in the directories of whatever files that include (#include) that file. The preprocessor then searches along the paths shown below.
Angle-bracket form Instructs the preprocessor to search for type library files along the following paths:

  1. The PATH environment variable path list
  2. The LIB environment variable path list
  3. The path specified by the /I (additional include directories) compiler option

Gym, Upgrade to Textmate 2.0 Alpha, Rails 3.2 on Heroku/Cedar, Brew

After successfully signing up the family for Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club last night, we unsuccessfully went to workout this morning. Apparently, we have to schedule time for the kids and they were overbooked today. I think Saturday morning is going to be busy for them. We signed Yuyoun up for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday to drop off Jaeyeon for childcare at the club from 9-11am. That along with Taeyeon going to preschool during those time should give her a good chance to workout.

I am going to be going Mon, Wed, Friday 6:30-7:30am. The club is so close, it’s the first thing I see out my window at work. The “tent” is the winter covering for the tennis courts.

After a truckload of paperwork and bill processing, I’m finally getting to work on a few tech related things. The long overdue Textmate 2.0 update although it’s still in alpha. I’ve stopped reading about all this vim, emacs, vi, etc. nonsense. I’ve tried vim a few times, not for me, waste of time thinking further about text editors. If I know you and you really love some new text editor, let me know. Except you Jon regarding Sublime. 🙂 I kid, I should give it a real shot one of these days. What little I saw of Sublime 2 in the early days were nice.

Also giving Trello a real try with a side project. Liking it so far.

Ok, let’s try creating a base Rails 3.2 project and uploading to Heroku.

Gosh, really messed up my installation of Homebrew. Hew, worked through all the issues in brew doctor and reinstalled all the packages I had before. Continuing on the upgrade fix, rvm, ruby, rails, git, memcached, lynx (gosh still fun to see that once in a while), python, ahhh back to work now.


Adding UIActivityIndicatorView aka “waiting” spinning gear

Kinda hard to see, but there is a spinning gear on top of the Sign In button. Why are the examples on the Internet so convoluted.

Next Personal iPhone App Project

It’s been a little over three weeks since I’ve started working for KinderTown and I’ve been living iOS day and night (literally dreaming about it) for about 4 weeks now. Definitely learning a lot working on the KinderTown app every day, but I would like to start a personal learning project for learning iOS 5 specific features that I don’t necessarily get to work with during the day (at least not yet, probably another month or more). So I have 3 options that I’m vacillating on.

  • Redo my first iPhone app, right this time. It really was the bare bare minimum and I was too curious about the app review process to not submit it. It’s embarrassing to have it under my name, I need to either delete it or update it.
  • Rebuild as a native iPhone app. It was a startup weekend (August 2011 in NYC) project that Jon Zepernick and I hack together in PhoneGap. It would be interesting to build it out to the point where the data about where these covered public spaces are and where the entrances/exits are is crowdsourced. Users update the public dataset that gets pushed out to all users.
  • Build a multi-player turn or round based game. Probably 3-5 players, a really simple game. This is the most ambitious even if I’m really good about keeping features down to the bare minimum. Also, this requires more design (both graphical and game mechanics).

Let me know if you have any input.

WWDC 2011: Introducing ARC

Fully understand these keywords, e.g. __weak.

20:45 The 4 rules of using ARC.

30:40 It’s faster.

40:30 all variables initialized to nil.

45:36 Method Families. alloc, copy, init,mutableCopy, new transfer ownership.

50:30 Migrating to ARC

53:46 switch statements need braces if you’re declaring variables.

54:20 Singleton Pattern

57:29 Compatibility Library can’t use weak references. Use __unsafe_unretained instead. So basically learn where to do weak, strong, ? references. And where weak, use __unsafe_unretained instead.

ARC Qualifiers – Declared Properties: strong, weak (if deployed to pre 5.0 then unsafe_unretained)
ARC Qualifiers – Regular Variables: __strong, __weak, __unsafe_unretained, __autoreleasing


Xcode & Debugging


Make sure to your IBOutlet targets still exists:

When a view is about to load, it just simply crashes. No error message. This happens if there are objects in that view that are suppose to be connected to an IBOutlet (at least the xib thinks so) and that IBOutlet is not longer there.

This looks like a promising read:


WWDC 2011: Introducing Interface Builder Storyboarding

command-d: duplicates objects in Storyboard.

So you can have multiple segues to a scene.

To send information back to a parent scene, establish a protocol and have the parent conform to that protocol (see 30:20). Need to review establishing protocols and concept of delegate to get a 100% understanding of this.

We should use popover for share buttons.

Protocols and Gestures

My notes on Lecture 5: Protocols and Gestures

When calling class methods, the following will allow this class to be inherited and methods overwritten.

Which inits get called in what instances?

Xib or Storyboard => awakeFromNib
? => initWithFrame
? => initWithCoder
? => initWithNibName:bundle

I feel like there should be a gesture that you can attach to a view that will release the firstResponder for all text inputs so you can get rid of the button. This using tap recognizer to get rid of a button is certainly a step up from the invisible button method in the iOS 3 days but it still feels clunky to me. TODO: Write this as a nicely sharable piece of code. And put up in github?

35:40: for selectors, the : is optional. Then self is not sent as the argument. Hmm, can this be done when hooking up controls in IB to methods? Answer is no.


WWDC 2011: UITableView Changes, Tips and Tricks

iOS 5 you can create Static Table Views in Storyboard. Dang (only because I need to create one now and have to code it all).

Menu Support for cells is nice.

There’s a run through of how to create a “floating view” within a scrolling table view.

ISO 8601 with milliseconds, Fix? for RestKit, and 1 ain’t true (or YES)

This is how you handle the three places of milliseconds provided by ISO 8601 (with milliseconds) provided by Parse via the RestKit DateFormatter.

Potential fix/pull request for RestKit

Shoot, you can do !1 is not equal false.